Hosting Done Right
Traditional shared servers are little more than a datacenter installing cPanel and shoving as many customers onto a box before people start complaining. Not us -- our platform was built from the ground-up as a distributed shared hosting experience. That means that there is army of super fast, cutting edge, modern servers powering our cloud -- and you get your slice.
Unlimited Diskspace
Most shared servers have a limitation on inodes -- the number of files you can have. Not us! When we say unlimited, we mean it.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Cloud hosting mean unlimited, unmetered traffic. You'll never use too much, and you'll never run out -- and no overage charges.
Unlimited Email
Unlimited email inboxes and forwarding accounts with all the modern bells and whistles you expect from a modern platform.
Enhanced Stability
We distribute everything across the cloud, so your site is always powered by the most recent hardware and software available.
Faster, Global
We are on a 10-Gbit network with datacenters in the US, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, and Finland.
Real Backups
We backup incrementally, and unlike other providers that will charge you restore fees, you can browse and restore at your leisure.
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